Creating Great Cyber Content

Creating Great Cyber Content

By Caleb Coulter: Caleb Coulter is passionate about sharing knowledge. As a writer, he always seeks to satisfy the curiosity of his readers. Writing for CyberXLTR combines both Caleb's love for technology and the written word.

What is cyber content?

Your start-up might be great – but is that excellence reflected in your online presence?

Often overlooked, sharable content is important when building a cybersecurity start-up. Content creation can mean many things – posting short videos, an active social media presence, writing articles and more. 

Creating great content also incorporates a vital component of successful marketing strategies: pull marketing. Drawing in an audience for your great content can yield greater results than push marketing, which is primarily paid advertisements with an emphasis on the call to action.

Choosing a cyber content creator

Not everyone is the strongest blog writer or online host, but that’s okay! You can look to hire someone with these skills:

  • Social media storytelling
  • Blog or article writing 
  • Web writing and SEO knowledge
  • Video creation and editing

Individuals with these skills also come from a few different educational backgrounds:

  • Marketing
  • Journalism
  • Copywriting

Professionals from these backgrounds might be a great fit – just make sure their skills complement the gaps you need to fill in your content strategy.

Cybersecurity is far from easy to learn – especially for individuals not educated in similar backgrounds. Finding an in-house or freelance candidate who is either familiar with the cyber industry or is willing to quickly learn key concepts is paramount.

The best formats for Cyber content

1.    Short videos

Once they begin to build an online following, many start-ups struggle to create content that is fresh and exciting – this is where innovation comes in. Depending on your brand’s tone, you can use trending formats like TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Meta Reels and more. Over 1 billion people use TikTok alone, so using content on this platform or similar platforms will surely boost your overall reach. However, short videos should not be your only content form.

2.    Articles or informational posts

When you search for information using Google, most of the answers to those burning questions come from web articles. Positioning your start-up’s website to provide useful information can be a fantastic way to pull more users onto your website or platform. Cybersecurity is not a well-understood industry by most of the world’s population. You can capitalize on educating your web users while also increasing traffic and interest for your cyber content.

3.    Podcasts

Podcasts are multi-tasking friendly. You can listen to them while commuting, exercising, or even while working. Podcasts have been around for a while – and for good reason! Many people prefer listening to a podcast over reading an article. Podcasting is a rapidly growing platform, with plenty of tools and resources to support new and growing podcasts.