Standardized Innovative Approaches to use Social Media

Standardized Innovative Approaches to use Social Media

Social media marketing is not only about having an active presence on the major social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Tumblr etc. but it is also about digging out innovative approaches to market the products or services worldwide. There is no doubt in saying that social media is a very convenient, easy and cost-effective method to promote a brand, message or idea. Today many organizations have adopted standardized approaches to use social media in order to maximize benefits. These top five standardized approaches are identified and given as follows:

Like it or Share it – Stay in touch: The first and foremost important aspect in the field of social media marketing is to engage the users or followers and provide them updates about the ongoing activities, promotions, discounts and future plans. It has been identified that interesting content can be used to engage users and make them participate by giving their opinion. Frequent update of content is equally important for potential clients as well as new ones.

Not Sales This Time: Majority of the companies like Microsoft and Cisco use social media platform to provide vital information to their clients. More often the purpose is not to pitch for the sales but to keep the users informed with helpful information about the products and services.

Societal Marketing Concept: Companies ensure that they are working while considering the benefit of society at large. The aim is not to sell out the products which are manufactured without taking the needs of consumers into account. Platforms of social media is significantly used to get feedback and suggestions for improvements and ideas for new products.

Real Time Monitoring: One of the important features of social media is to give insights about the behaviour of the consumers. Social media websites provide business intelligence mechanisms to organizations. Through this marketers can track the visibility, appearance and sharing of the content.

Performance Management: Yes! Social media websites- particularly blogs, provide an opportunity to measure the performance of the brand, product, service or idea. Bloggers all over the world are engaged in writing about different existing, new and hypothetical brands or ideas. Blogging trends show how well a company is able to engage consumers in discussion about its brands. Apple, Samsung, and Honda are doing really well in that regard.