Successful Content Marketing in the time of Social Distancing

Successful Content Marketing in the time of Social Distancing

With cases of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) emerging in nearly every country across the world, many countries, cities & businesses are taking swift action to curb its spread. Teleworking, “remote working,” or simply “working from home,” is a centrepiece of those efforts. While remote working arrangements may be effective to slow the community spread of COVID-19 from person to person, they present great challenges for businesses to survive and grow in today’s recession. 


The biggest challenge for business is the ability to find new prospective customers and remain connected to existing customers.  Even though, it is now easy to identify the channel of marketing i.e. digital marketing and social media, the fact is that everyone else is also promoting there.  This is because that is the only place for EVERYONE to find prospective buyers.  In this environment, having your business stand out from the crowd means that you need to ensure that your content messaging is effective and meaningful to your potential clients.  Also, you need to actually “reach” them through various social media channels.  And, of course, you cannot just throw money at it by spending a lot of digital advertisement dollars.  This is a recession and budgets are tight. 

The Solution

The solution to these challenges is ensure that your organization develops a structured and successful Content Strategy.   This means that you understand the goal of all digital activities is to build a long-term relationship with your customers.  Your Content Strategy should enable digital campaigns that are targeted towards specific audience for your products and services.  It should help you understand the psychology of your prospective buyer and enable analytics-based data decisions.


There are many benefits of having a well-defined and structured Content Strategy.  These include

·         Understanding of your product & service

·         Understanding who is the target audience for your marketing campaigns

·         Understanding the psychology of your buyers

·         Building a long-term digital relationship with your customers

·         “Listening” to your current and prospective customers and finding new ways to help

·         Enabling Virtual events and classes

·         Revamping the organization’s sales & marketing processes


This is indeed the time to ramp up your digital marketing strategies and having a well defined Content Strategy can help you with social media, published content and email campaigns.  This would not only help you survive the current recession but make you take a leadership role in your industry as we come out of this recession.