CyberXLTR Accelerate Program

Already have a Cybersecurity Startup and want to make it grow?  CyberXLTR’s Accelerate Program will set you on the road to success by building your brand and defining your ideal customer.  The potential success of Your Cyber Security Startup ideas will be explored and the commercial feasibility of your idea and assumptions about your potential customers and market will be validated.  You and Your product will be presented to potential large enterprise customers.  And we will make introductions to potential investors.  

The CyberXLTR’s Accelerate Program is different from any other accelerator program.  First, it is one of the few programs focused on Cybersecurity and is part of an ecosystem of successful Cybersecurity companies.  The program is divided into distinct elements that are customized to fit the needs of a cybersecurity startup.  Starting with important elements of protecting your intellectual property (IP), the aim will be to enable your company to grow internationally while protecting your innovations to maximize Return on Investment.  Through our extended network, you will meet corporate customers, build a success pipeline and pitch to investors for growth funding. 

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