CyberXLTR Cyberpreneurship Program

Become part of the next wave of Startup Success

CyberXLTR’s Cyberpreneurship program is a one-of-a-kind program suited for entrepreneurs that are looking to offer products and services in the cybersecurity niche across the globe but do not have an idea to focus on.  This program will facilitate a unique ideation process to help you break into the next wave of innovation.  Through this program, you will learn 

  • Why Cybersecurity is the next Entrepreneurship Opportunity?
  • Cybersecurity 101: Where are the opportunities? 
  • Generate Cybersecurity Ideas that resonate Globally
  • Define your Ideal Customer 
  • Develop a Global Business Model
  • Start Building a Global Brand 
  • Develop your Content Strategy & your Content Marketing Plan
  • Develop an initial Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for your Startup
  • Get your first customers  
  • Become Investor READY

We will take you through the innovation process to crystalize your thoughts and finalize your business idea.  We will set you on the road to success by building your brand and defining your ideal customer.  The potential success of Your Cybersecurity Startup ideas will be explored and the commercial feasibility of your idea and assumptions about your potential customers and market will be validated.  Your MVPs will be developed and presented to potential customers.  And you will become Investor Ready

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