CyberXLTR Success Stories


Our Core Mission: To ensure protection of all critical assets, especially data, in the eco-system that enables Connected & Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs).

Our Vision: To Transform Mobility into a Secure and Safe experience for all Users.


Our Vision: To transform traditional software development into an innovative and adaptive secure software development life cycle for all our users by incorporating ‘Security by Design’.

Our Core Mission: Ensuring ‘Security by Design’ by leveraging the latest technologies to protect the safety and security of our customers and their critical infrastructure. This is done by integrating security best practices into all stages of the development lifecycle from training to development to maintenance. 


Our Vision: Make the Connected World truly Cybersecure through Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Our Core Mission: To ensure a new and dynamic approach to enabling cybersecurity best practices is undertaken by enterprise organizations based on Innovation & Entrepreneurship.