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CyberFutures Workshop Protecting the Technology Supply Chain

Date: 2022-01-27

Time: 08:30 AM EST

Location: Virtual Event

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$199 USD

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In recent times, the technology supply chain has been exposed to various disastrous cyber-attacks, which resulted in excessive costs, inaccurate delivery schedules, and theft of intellectual property. Furthermore, delivering tampered or unapproved products could be unsafe to clients resulting in unwanted litigation. Therefore, Protecting the technology supply chain should be a top concern for businesses, since even a single breach may disrupt vital operations.

CloudGRC carried significant analysis on recent supply chain attacks such as SolarWinds, Kaseya, and others, and discovered a consistent pattern in these attacks. This workshop will show how to use Binary Diff concepts to analyze vulnerabilities within the source code. It also gives viewers a great deal of information about how to secure our technology supply chain and prevent supply chain attacks.

Some of the key topics:

  1. Introduction to Technology Supply Chain Security
  2. Cybersecurity Challenges in the Technology Supply Chain
  3. Cyber Risks associated with Technology Supply Chain
  4. Recent Technology Supply Chain Cyber Attacks
  5. Common Pattern in Recent Technology Supply Chain Attacks
  6. Possible Detection, Mitigation Solutions
  7. Become Compliant with Secure Technology Supply Chain
  8. Secure Vendor Management – Key to Secure Your Technology Supply Chain
  9. The Future of Technology Supply Chain Security