Deepan Dhingra

Invest WindsorEssex
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Deepan Dhingra is an Automotive Cybersecurity Analyst at Invest Windsor Essex, where his primary focus lies in the realm of automotive cybersecurity. Specifically, he excels in conducting detailed Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment for the complex Electrical and Electronic components within vehicles.

Beyond his role at Invest Windsor Essex, Deepan is a valuable asset to SHIELD, the renowned Automotive Cybersecurity Center of Excellence. Within this organization, his expertise is channeled into performing Automotive Penetration Tests on various vehicle components, enhancing the resilience of automotive systems against potential cyber threats. He also plays a crucial role in ASRG (Automotive Security Research Group), actively participating in the development of the Automotive Security Intelligence Platform and the Automotive Threat and Controls Catalogue. These resources are essential for organizations seeking comprehensive risk assessments in the automotive cybersecurity domain.

Deepan is well-versed in ISO 21434, a critical standard in the automotive cybersecurity landscape. His proficiency in this area has established him as an indispensable figure within the industry. He has assisted companies in establishing Vehicle Security Operations Centers (VSOCs), conducting thorough Risk Assessments, and ensuring strict compliance with ISO 21434 policies.