Noah Campbell

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Noah Campbell is a LEAD gold medallion scholar graduate of the University of Windsor and the first member of the Prime Minister’s Youth Council to be based in Windsor, Ontario – where he directly advises the Prime Minister, Cabinet, and senior government officials. He holds an honours bachelor’s degree of Computer Science (cooperative education) with distinction. Noah is also an honouree on the Major League Hacking Global Top 50 list. His relevant work experience includes several engagements at BlackBerry, including his current role in elite technical marketing supporting BlackBerry's top customers, and previous roles leading the BlackBerry Bootcamp program, creating cybersecurity training content, and facilitating research partnerships. In addition, Noah is an adjunct researcher in

cybersecurity at St. Clair College, and an entrepreneur. Noah is also a Pastoral Chaplain, able to officiate marriages across the Province of Ontario. Past experiences include securing over $23m in funding for rural internet connectivity, and community economic development.